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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And Only 11 Months

Jackson causes destruction wherever he goes and the list grows longer as each day passes…

Gredda’s House (Grandma): One decorative wall plate.

Best Friends House: One monkey nightlight.

Friend’s Moms House: One ceramic decorative bowl.

Friend’s House: One decorative wall plate.

Daddy’s Stuff: One DVD he managed to scratch the hell out of.

Mommy’s Stuff:
One turtle figurine from Key West.
One coffee cup. (don’t worry not full or hot)
One Honeymoon picture frame.
One ceramic magnet.
One cabinet door. Knocked it off banging it open & close (baby proofed!)

Addison’s Stuff:
One light-up Lei.
One Noisy Farm book.
One pair butterfly wings.
One Yo Gabba Gabba train car.
One giant bubble wand. Snapped the handle right off.
Three coloring books. Ripped the pages out.
Handful of crayons he either ate or broke in the process of tyring to.

Jackson’s Stuff: Oh No, he is not bias…
One light up musical cube toy. Which was actually very cool and
both loved playing with the damn thing.

And I would imagine as we approach toddlerism it will only get worse!

For the record: Addison 2 3/4 years later, one glass candle.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hear boys tend to be much more destructive than girls, both to objects and to themselves. Good luck with your little man. This too shall pass :)