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Monday, September 6, 2010

She Melts My Heart

And she knows it!

Since the Monday incident (for those of you who are new to Surviving Motherhood read The One Without a Title) Addison has discovered there is a much softer side to mommy and what she will tolerate.

For instance: when asking her to do something, any almost three year old does not want to do, I expect the answer NO. Which for Addison has never been out of the norm. However, she has come to realize, in the past week, if she follows the "NO Mommy you do it” (which typically would not stand) with a "No Mommy you do it- pleeeease Mommy-Mommy-Mommy-MaMa-MaMa"; I am now a sucker and I do it. Whatever it may be; which includes picking her up and carrying her with Jackson already propped on my hip.

Even her full forced bratty soon-to-be three years old temper-tantrums, do not seem to bother me all that much. (which, by the way, are far worse than any two year old temper-tantrum. Shit, terrible twos-HA! what the hell do you call the three's?)

Yes, it appears that I have gone soft and Addison is taking full advantage of that.


Kelley said...

I am right there with you! I have a 2 y/o little boy who has "no" MASTERED & who melts my heart, too. He also makes me pull my hair out, but who needs hair?

Megan said...

I'm having the same experience with my almost three year old... she's learning tricks to get mommy to do her bidding :). I have a feeling the three's will be MUCH worse than the terrible two's in our house as well!