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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday & Day 124. 241 Days Left.

It’s no surprise kids’ say the funniest things, and what comes out of the mouth’s of toddlers is often hysterical and sometimes downright pee your pants funny! When what they say isn’t humorous, their words can melt your heart. To help make sure I never forget these little toddler quips and because they make me smile, I have decided to share them in a weekly post called “Toddler Talk Thursday.”

While sitting in the room playing…

Addison: “Up butt coconut, up your butt with a coconut.” one of Addison’s favorite non-mommy approved songs that Auntie M so kindly taught her.

Addison: “Up butt coconut up, your butt with a coconut.” repeat five more times.

Mommy: “Ok Addison, that is enough. Thank you.”

Addison: ”But mommy up butt coconut, up your butt with a coconut is my favorite song.” she just had to get it out one more time.

Mommy: “It is a silly song. Let’s sing something different.”

Addison: “What mommy?”

Jackson: “up butt” and he speaks

Addison: Laughing hysterically “Jackson just said up butt!” more laughing… “Up butt coconut, up your butt with a coconut.”

Jackson: “up butt”

both in hysterics

Mommy leaving the room to go call Auntie M…

What are your toddlers saying?

Day 124



OneMommy said...

Butt is my daughter's favorite word right now too. She loves to get her little brother to say whatever she says.... sigh. And she doesn't have an aunt to blame it on, just figured it out herself. They make up quite the silly songs, putting "butt" in instead of the right words.
Guess she'll outgrow it eventually!

mommysankey said...

Our girls are so much a like.
Silly songs are a ritual in our house... I was just hoping for mommy, from Jackson, before butt.

SortaSuperMom said...

LOL! Sounds a lot like things my boys have said- exactly like it, actually. One of their favorite songs to sing is one they learned at church, of all places. This was a convo that occurred just last week:

Camo-"2,4,6,8- who do we appreciate? Its you, Lord! Nobody but you, Lord!"
Jacob-"HAHA! You said 'Buddy butt'!"

It proves that even the most innocent of things can be turned when in the hands of kids.


JennyBean said...

Whatever it was you did to Auntie M, she got you back and good. I wouldn't mess with her again.