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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Bittersweet Goodbye

All women have that special connection with another. That one friend that you know will always be there no matter the amount of time that passes or the distance that separates you. I have that friend…

There was a time just after high school we lost touch. A disagreement led to a distance and we did not talk- for several months. I had forgotten that and the reason. I have forgotten until now. But you see none of that matters and never will.

We have seen the good, the not so good, the bad and the plan-out ugly in one another. We have been friends since our sophomore year in high school (I wish I knew her sooner).

My friend moved to Ocala, Florida shortly after her wedding. It was difficult; I felt as though I was losing a part of me. This is the person I could tell anything to. I spent countless number of nights at her house and I could go and visit her whenever I wanted. She was leaving…I would manage. (My husband added unlimited long distance to our phone plan. A phone conversation was never under two hours!)

We did the long distance travel (approximately 232 miles separates us or 3.3 hours doing 70mph) and the long phone conversations. Now something has changed.

I have two children; A daughter 2 ½ years and a son 9 ½ months. She surprised me the day after my daughter was born. It was that moment I realized just how much I truly valued our friendship. I always knew how important she was to me but that moment made me realize just how much I loved her. She traveled down Thanksgiving Day to see me and my first baby; how truly wonderful.

She now has a son (her first) and I drove with another girlfriend the 232 miles to surprise her (the day after Easter)… I couldn't imagine not being there; what a special moment.

Well, she spent two days here this week. Two wonderful days our children spent together. We caught up, watched our babies play, held them, took 80 pictures and just talked. On day two, after another 3 ½ hours, we had to say goodbye.

My daughter did not want them leave. We walked her and her baby boy to the car, gave our hugs and kisses and said our goodbyes. I did not want to let them go.

I walked into the house and suddenly it was the three of us again; I realized how much I missed her already. How I wish she were here so we could watch our children grow and play together.

Even though 232 miles separates us (or now 3.9 hours doing 60mph) we will never be far a part. We share a special connection, a secret bond called motherhood. And each time we see each other we will appreciate that time spent together even more. That is why our goodbyes are bittersweet…


Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! I think everyone has these friends and if they don't then there is something wrong with them right?

All 4 of my close friends moved to Orlando a few years ago and I rarely get to see them. I think children definiately bring women closer to each other. I have these incredible strong bonds with my girlfriends that have children, yet the ones that don't have any kind of drop in and out of my life.

It is truly a blessing to have women in our lives who understand the same challenges and triumphs!

(I found you on Bloggymoms and realized you live in Pompano, I live in West Palm!)

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Bloggy Moms Follow Me, I Follow You group!!! :) Nice to meet you! So glad you got to spend time with your dear friend and all of your children together.

Hope you'll come visit me soon and follow back.
Lisa xoxo
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