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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The good, the bad & the ugly

Here we go...

1. There is no fear like the one you feel when your child is badly injured or seriously ill

2. How terrible teething would be for all of us…

3. No one ever told me how excited I would get at the first poop- "yeah she did it- everything is working correctly" or how messy the diapers would be & by the time they are 20 months they just are not exciting or cute anymore.

4. The first time Addison said “mama” what an amazing moment- just a moment because everything became “dada”- even me.

5. The moment Addison figured out how to remove her diaper- what a mess and yes, the dogs had to help out also!

6. It is truly amazing how you can go from being SO upset with them one minute, to loving them so much you could cry the next.

7. Never knew how much Addison would want to use the computer...or how easily she would UNDERSTAND how to use it!!

8. How difficult it is to break the bottle or “bobble” habit.

9. I never knew that such a sweet baby could have such a temper- I mean head banging really?

10. I never thought I'd be able to have one child, let alone pregnant with the second.

11. No one ever told me that my feet would be bigger after giving birth! My feet went up an entire shoe size! All my pretty shoes- just sitting in my closet on display…

12. Nobody can make you feel better than your children! I love when Addison climbs up onto my lap and wraps her arms around my neck for me to whisper in her ear or to watch a movie and curl up for a nap.

13. I never knew how difficult colic could be- those were trying nights testing every part of you as a new parent- there were moments I thought I would not make it through the night.

14. I never knew I would have to wrestle a toddler to get her to bed at night- she would keep going and going and going…

15. Never knew how difficult it would be to get a toddler to eat. And the mess that comes with eating- oh my!

16. The things we have to "no- don’t put that in your mouth or don't lick the dog" before being a mother I would have thought something like that would come out of my mouth!

17. I never imagined that going to the bathroom or taking a shower alone will become a goal.

18. I never knew that my plate would be this full with just one child. We have some challenges - but we face them day by day. How will I ever manage two?!

19. I never realized people would look at me weird in the supermarket when talking to my 20 month old about what we are having for dinner that night or what we need to buy.

20. How excited you get the first time you child speaks and how frustrating it is when they don’t!

21. It is pretty amazing how much they learn and how quickly the mimic you.

22. You can't win an argument with a 20 month old even if you’re right and she is not. The baby doll is a boy even if he is dressed in a pink dress and has a matching pink hair bow.

23. I never knew that a 20 month old would become so independent already-

24. Addison is a shoe lover already- she brings her shoes up to me to put on her, she would sleep in them if I let her. The best part is how excited she gets when she sees mine stacked in the closet- she carefully selects the pair she wants and trys to put them on! That is definitely my daughter!

25. Potty Training- AHHHHH!

26. Terrible Two's- need I say more...they really began around 15 months.

27. It really is pretty awesome being a mom!

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