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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Life as Phoebe

I have two wonderful girlfriends.

If you have ever watched a FRIENDS episode you will understand the reference. I have spent many years being the “Phoebe”; that is until recently.

Both are amazing women; my best friends… I love them dearly. However, they had a bond; an unspoken bond that connected the two of them in a way that excluded me. I was never jealous; I saw it and always accepted it.

I was busy building my relationship and marriage with my husband; he was my focus.

They too both love/ loved their husbands dearly but they always had each other.

Monica & Rachel were roommates and Phoebe always "hung" around. The three of us (like them) were always a part of the big occasions. We celebrated three engagements, three bridal showers, three bachelorette parties, three marriages, graduations from high school and college, birthday parties, holidays, baby showers, we laughed and cried together and were there for loss, divorce and celebrated new life. (After all one of them ended up in the delivery room, holding my leg as I gave birth to my first baby).

Yes, in many ways our lives together can compare quite literally to a FRIENDS episode (without the writers).

Monica and Rachel spent more time together therefore they knew about any “Big News” the other had long before Phoebe. At times I felt a little hurt but tried not to read into the reasons- everyone one has their own reasons for not sharing or for withholding news, good or bad.

It was often withheld from me and sometimes I cried but I would mostly try to understand… I like Phoebe can make the best out of most circumstances. I have embraced Phoebe, I like her and she makes me laugh.

It was not until recently, that I finally felt a connection to one of my best friends. She and I finally had our own special unspoken bond that connected us; motherhood.


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