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Friday, July 15, 2011

Speechless... I have no speech & Day 125. 240 Days Left.

Have I mentioned I hate grocery shopping?


Well, I will elaborate…

We went to the supermarket late last night. When I say late I mean 8:30pm. In this house that is late. After 5pm my precious little kiddos morph into pure hellions.

We had our list. I mapped out the store and the isle I needed to get down. I was loaded with sippy cups, snacks and treats. First stop, as always, the bakery. This allows me exactly five-ten minutes of uninterrupted shopping. Well, with the exception of last night... So much for five-ten minutes. Addison ate the cookie as though she was being starved and Jackson, he threw it at me.

Five minutes into shopping, Addison asks are we done yet. No Addison we just started. Repeat 50 more times. Jackson begins kicking and screaming so the hubby takes him out of the cart. While making our way around the store, we take turns passing a 30 pound toddler back and forth. Meanwhile, Addison is skipping, hopping, running and bouncing along, now touching everything on each shelf. Seriously, would love to know what they spiked that cookie with.

We finally get everything from the list and head to checkout. The cashier was talking to the man in front of us. He had finished paying and was still standing there. Clearly in the way. Addison is hopping up and down doing her pee-pee dance. “Oh-Ah mommy I gotta go potty. Mommy hurry before I pee in my underwear like I pooped in them today”. Cashier still talking. The poor hubby is trying to help unload the shopping cart while holding a squirming, crying and kicking Jackson. All my attempts to calm him are futile. He chucked everything I handed him at my face.

Few more minutes pass and the cashier, still talking. Addison hopping with her hands between her legs. I look over to the hubby, tell him "this is ridiculous" than give the cashier one of my are you fucking serious looks. She must have gotten the point because as she was trying to count back our change she got flustered and needed to restart. Twice.

As we finish paying, the sweet old lady behind us asks the kiddo’s age. And just as we go to walk away she says “maybe this is not a good hour for young children to be out grocery shopping". And that was it.

I was speechless. Lost my fight. Clearly defeated. The old bag was right.

Day 125

Really- do they look like anything other than perfect angels?


Jenny said...

I hate grocery shopping also. I try with every part of my being not to have to go grocery shopping...I tend to send my husband.
My kids are soo tough after 5pm also. I give you tons of credit for even surviving that shopping trip!

New Follower :) from bloggy moms

The Good, The Bad, & The Family said...

It's not the shopping itself I dread, it's the company! It's a crap shoot each time as to whether or not the kids will behave or I'll be the screaming mom whose kids are out of control. Have you tried online shopping? That may help? It's a toss up though because the kids need to learn to behave. For me I always forget that I can have my husband watch the kids when he gets home so I can shop in peace. Why do I feel like I need to do it WITH the kids?! Are we gluttons for punishment?!

Margaret (@goodbadfamily)

mommysankey said...

@Jenny- thanks for stopping by!

I usually send the hubby once he is home from work but sometimes I need specific items therefore must go (to avoid an agrument about bringing home the wrong thing- just because it "looks similar" or because it was "all they had"- one of his favorites- does not make it right!) Than Addison wants to come with mommy and we have been couped up in the house- so it becomes a dreadful family trip that I very much later want to kick myself in the ass for doing.

@Margaret: No I have not tried online food shopping but will look into it. Thanks!

I have no idea why I feel the need to bring the kids- they would be much happier at home. I have come to realize I function under complete chaos and I drag the hubby along because, well, misery just loves company!

Anonymous said...

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