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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to lose your mother-of-the-year status & Day 123. 242 Days Left.

Ok, I'm feeling like one bad mama today.

Last night we had one of those nights… you know, the nights when each kiddo takes a turn waking up- crying, inconsolably. I was exhausted this morning, when at 7am, Jackson, along with his bumble bee pillow pet, crawled into bed with Addison and me. He was up and ready to start the day. I was not. Addison was still soundly sleeping. I put him inbetween us, turned on PBS, rolled over and went back to sleep. A good hour later I pulled myself out of bed. He laid there quietly watching TV the entire time. Sweet kid. I made my way out to the kitchen to pour him a sippy cup of milk. The last of the milk.

About twenty minutes later, Addison crawls out of bed; "Mommy I am thirsty." Here is how I quickly lost my mother-of-the-year status… I ask what would you like? "Chocolate milk" she says. And there it is. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I knew. I knew I had just made the biggest mistake any mother could make. Chocolate milk. Of course she wanted chocolate milk. Who runs out of milk and then asks their toddler (who loves chocolate milk in the morning) what they would like to drink? And that was it. With those four words, “what would you like”, I quickly became the world's worst mom. Now she is annoyed that Jackson got the last of the milk and is on the brink total meltdown.

So, I do the only sensible thing to calm her… I offer her caramel chocolate cake for breakfast with a side of carrot juice. Which, of course, quickly made up for this mama’s incompetence.

Day 123

The Frog Princess


SortaSuperMom said...

I'd forgive you, too, if you offered me that, lol.

OneMommy said...

Yum, I'd take that breakfast!
I'm always running out of milk around here... I water down my skim milk to stretch it out for the kids. Is that bad?

Jansen Family said...

lol...How could she not love you if you give her cake for breakfast?!


newbiemama said...

LOVE your blog. I've been known to offer my extremely stubborn 3 year old daughter chocolate chip cookies so I can grab five more minutes of sleep. :)

Love to see you around my blog sometime!

mommysankey said...

She was one happy little girl when she saw the cake come out... what choloclate milk. I was top-mom again! I was paying for it later- she was wound up during nap time. yikes.

@onemommy- I never thought about watering down the milk. I do it with their juice to preserve it and to prevent sugar overload. I will do that in the future, when I see I am running low. Thanks!

@newbiemama- Thanks for stopping by. I visited your blog today and was greated by a bowl of chocloate chip cookie icecream- hello! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I tired leaving a comment for you there but google issues- for some reason I have a difficult time signing in- on a handful of blogs. I had to set up the pop-up window on mine. I will just have to settle for reading along :)

JennyBean said...

That's exactly what I would have done. Well, except for the carrot juice. You drink carrot juice?!

Anonymous said...

That makes my morning ... as we're just out of milk and I'm waiting for my 2-year-old to wake up and ask for some ... Thanks for the excellent advice ;)

mommysankey said...

@Jenny- I don't go out of my way to drink it and only if it is mixed with some sort of fruit... the kids,however, LOVE IT! They go through carrot juice the way they down the milk. I have to water it down or we would be buying it everyday and at $6.09 for 32oz it would sure add up.

@Yogini cowgirl- onemommy was very helpful with providing the suggestion of watering down the milk- great idea huh! Thanks for stopping by...