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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lets Play Catch –up & Day 49. 316 Days Left.

It has been an adventurous, perhaps even hilarious year. Just when I think I have finally hit a Mommy rut, life throws me a curve ball that keeps me on my toes.

2010 has brought me so many experiences, good and bad.

I have experienced a few bah-humbug moments this Christmas and vow to do better and be less stressed over the 2011 holidays. Allow me to elaborate… as with most stay at home mamas routine is the key to a happy home. Routine! However, with all the hustle, bustle and excitement of the holiday’s routine becomes a bit obsolete. Except for naptime. Naptime is enforced. Always.

I discovered my UPS & FedEx delivery times were roughly between 12-2pm (naptime). The doorbell rang (at least twice…why?), the dogs barked, the kids woke up (cranky) and me, I shouted FUCK. Finally, after receiving all the packages, it was back to our naptime routine, uninterrupted. No such luck…

One afternoon (five days before Christmas) the door bell rang; three times; WHY?
The dogs carried on, the kids woke up and I shoved everyone away from the door to accept a random package I was not expecting. I finally get outside and the UPS guy asked if I would accept a package for my neighbor. Suddenly I morphed into this Grinch… “Are you kidding me? You woke my kids up to have me accept a package for a neighbor I do not even know?” He is starring at me pen still held out. “Why, would I take a package for someone not knowing when they will come by to pick it up? I have SLEEPING BABIES!” He was still standing there as I closed the door. Poor guy.

That perhaps was my worst holiday moment.

So where do I see this stay at home mommies adventures going in the next twelve months? How will I survive, enjoy life to the fullest with the maximum amount of enjoyment and the least amount of embarrassment and stress?

I will not embarrass myself by setting a stupid goal to lose weight. It is not going to happen. I will instead try and embrace who I am, enjoy all that life has to offer, in moderation, while perhaps doing a little more TV watching from the bike vs. the sofa.

I could set a goal to be a better mom and wife but I think that is something I strive for everyday. Maybe I could vow to yell at the kids and animals less...but that would benifit my neighbors more than me. Perhaps I could try and actually write a post everyday but I have to admit I am pretty darn lazy and rather be sitting on the sofa, sipping coffee and playing catch-up on any TV shows I missed.
What are your resolutions and how is your progress?

Meanwhile there is so much to look forward to and be thankful for!

Day 49. Christmas Photos.

The Train set


Becky said...

I can totally relate. Why is it that these things always happen at nap time? I resorted to putting a note on the door requesting quiet due to sleeping babies. Sometimes it worked, other times not so much.
I'm with you to have a less stressful, better (merrier)2011 holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Never fails, everything falls apart during nap time!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!